Secure, Accessible, Affordable Self Storage Units

24/7 Accessibility, Drive-Up Storage Units in Dartmouth


While planning a move, packing all of your household belongings that have been accumulated over years can be overwhelming. It is important to declutter before moving into your new home.


Don't move items that you have no use for in your new home. If you have any belongings that don’t suite the style of your new home, but may have use for later, store it at Sentry Self Storage.


You have items that you are saving to pass down to family members, maybe a child that is moving out in the next few years, store them affordably in the meantime at the Sentry Self Storage units.

Find the Right Size Storage Units for Your Needs

What Size Storage Unit Will Suit Your Belongings?

From small units for dorm room belongings to large ones that can hold everything from your home, we have a storage unit size that is just right for you. But how do you determine what size you need?

Check out our estimates to choose your perfect unit.

All our units are non-climate controlled and our rental contracts are on a month-to-month basis. Residential and commercial clients are easily accommodated. Convenient storage units that provide customers with 24/7 access, accessible drive-up units, and secure storage units.


Tips for Packing Your Storage Unit

Use Sturdy Boxes

Choose heavy-duty moving boxes or plastic totes that will stand up to transport and protect your belongings.

Make an Aisle

If you’ll be in and out of your unit, leave space to walk through it and find what you need.

Affordable, Convenient and Secure Storage

Do You Own a Storefront and Can't Afford a Warehouse Yet?

Fenced Yard

Exterior Lighting

Secure Gate Access

Reserve Your Space

Easy and Affordable

Sentry Self Storage is the easy and affordable solution to store samples or equipment for businesses that don’t have or need access to a warehouse.

You have full control over the inventory with 24-hour access, 7 days per week, and you are able to conveniently drive up to each unit.

What Our Clients Say

  • Clean quiet safe easy access reasonably priced.

    J-F Bondon, Google Review

  • The best places to store stuff if you are in the Burnside area. Easy and convenient if in the Dartmouth surrounding area. Great service.

    Randy Ansems, Google Review

  • Very security place.

    Frederick Baltzer, Google Review

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